She says

My daughter did came home yesterday while I was fixing dinner for her.  She did apologize for her behavior and she also told me how was her trip, which turns out not to be so great after all.  There was still no reason for her to get so upset with me, but what I am seeing is that, sadly she mirroing her father's attitude.   He did curse his mother out numerous times, in front of others or not.  I am not very sure my daughter is aware of what she is doing.
She has been pleasant and kind the rest of the day, and today.  I set a date to move out and I will then.  I would do it sooner, but I really need to be here to work in some loose ends. My medicare coverage got cut and the social worker told me this time they will come to make sure I live here, so I have to be here for two more weeks.
I can always apply for it again once I moved, but I already put the application in and I rather don't be without health insurance.
I think what it bothers me the most is that she does not realize the pattern she is falling into.  I am afraid that she really will accept domestic violence and manipulation as something that is ok.  I hope she will see this and react differently.   I am not sure if she will.