She didn't deserve it

   Today and for the rest of the week we don't have school because there are conferences but we had reahearsal anyway from 11-3. A half hour after rehearsal started one of my best friends shows up. We were all worried about her because no one could find her and when she came in she looked like she was about to cry. When we got a break she pulled April (a buddy) and I outside and she told us why she was late.
   April broke her hand yesterday and she didn't have any tylenol at her house so she asked Jazmine to bring her four. Jazmine's back hurt so she took two for herself. Her mom found out she took more then four and beat the shit out of her. She has bruises on her legs and ribs from where she kicked her as Jazmine was begging her to stop. The thing about our theater program is that we are more like a family. Most of us have worked with each other for years and even the newbees quickly become apart of our fucked up family. She told our director and he started the legal prosess with her.
   DHS went to her house and her mom told them it was a big misunderstanding so she's not getting in trouble. See, Jazmine is Somoan and she is from an islander family and they think it's okay to beat your kids. So her whole family is pissed at her. She is staying with her dad this weekend but she has to go home on Monday. My mom offered to let her stay with us but she said that she would be fine.
   I love Jazmine to death, she is one of my best friends but I have this problem. I take on other people's problems and make them my own. That is the worst part of me, I think. So is there a line here? I want to help her however I can but I don't want to go down with her. How can I just be a lifejacket instead of just drowning with her?