Sharing in the "Real World" - Crying

I've been on this site for two weeks now.  Sometimes it's a little overwhelming, seeing everyone's struggles, but a lot of the time it's helpful to know there's others out there struggling like I am, some even more.  We can encourage each other, and we can keep on facing whatever our particular struggle is.
I've also been blogging for a month or two.  I'm finding that really helpful, to share my thoughts and struggles.  I'm being very honest and free on there, and on this site, because not one of you 'knows' me, I'm not going to run into you at the supermarket.  And, you aren't going to feel obligated to do anything for me, beyond possibly sending a hug or a message, because beyond that there isn't anything you can do for me. 
I've toyed with the idea of sharing my blog with my sister.  But I don't want her to see how I really feel, how much pain I'm really in.  Why?  If I share with 'the real world' - the people I know face to face ... what?  Why can't I? 
It's part of the package, the anxiety, or sexual abuse, or depression, you don't want others to know.  Even with physical illness to a degree.  You want to appear strong. 
I don't want people to know how much pain I'm in, because I don't know how they will react.  They may hurt me more than help.  Or, I may hurt them.  This may be 'too much' for them to handle.  They'll feel overwhelmed.  But I already am feeling overwhelmed and don't want to put that on anyone else.
Here, it's okay.  It's anonymous.  You don't have to read my stuff unless you want to.  And I don't have to read yours when I'm overwhelmed.  I've noticed there's some days I don't go on certain groups because I know how much everyone else is suffering and I can't take it right now.  Other times, I can, and I can talk with others and mutually encourage each other.
But, is it healthier to share with people in the real world?  Will more growth come in sharing?  I think so, but I think I have to be careful.  Cautiously choose who and how much to share.  See how they take it, and go from there.
I can't just give my blog to my sister.  She would cry.  I don't want her to cry.  If my Mom saw it she would cry.  I don't want her to cry for me either.  Why don't I want them to cry for me?  Because then I'll cry for me, the floodgates will come open, the pain will come out.  I'll cry and cry, and may not be able to 'pull myself back together' like I do all the time.
Wait... what about that little girl?  The little girl that's been wanting to cry for twenty years.  Maybe, maybe I can cry for her.  Not me, not the grown up me.  But the little girl.  Can I cry for her?