Serving God rather than Serving Greed

Maybe this is why I've always been slightly unfulfilled in my career, in every job I've taken...I'm helping others keep their businesses afloat, helping them sell shit, some of which people need, some of which they don't...which is a certain kind of Godliness, I suppose, money makes the world go 'round, and we all need to keep a roof over our heads...but part of me wants to help out with the Haiti relief effort, raise AIDS awareness, help with world hunger, work with the disabled or underpriveledged kids, or some other cause...and hopefully make a nice enough living to beef up my checking account and get out of credit card debt in the process!
Don't know if I'm equipped/in the right head and heart-space to go around preaching Jesus, but I want to LIVE a Christ-like example, let Christ live and flow through me, through my own kind, loving actions-! 
But I gotta look at the job I'm doing now...they hired me because one of them needs to take care of her elderly, ailing mother, so I'm indeed doing God's work for her, by taking the pressure off her to do just that, running part of the business, that she would normally tend to, so she can tend to her mother.