Seizure Watch 2008: No End In Sight...

Last night sucked. Z was in a fine mood at 101 degrees...went to sleep at 7.

Oddly, he's been spitting up at night...C says it's reflux? Not sure I understand that, but it's made it hard to give him tylenol to bring down temp when he's just gong to throw it up.

Anyway, we went out to get a bite to eat...came home and he was hot and retching. Put him on the toilet, as he hasn't pooped in 2-3 days, hoping that was the issue causing him to cry, but no luck. Brought him to our bed, where he fitfully slept / retched / sweated and got REALLY hot. didn't take temp, but i'm sure he was up around 104 again.

Meanwhile, I had to get up at 420 this AM to go on a 1-day biz trip.