I had a seizure today. The scary thing is I had it while I was at work. I was on my way to my lunch break. That's the last thing I remember. The next, I was in an exam room.  One of the nurses told me to sit on the table and rest a while. Good thing I work in a hospital-type environment. I was on my way to the break room and apparently didn't make it. My co-workers told me I was in the nurse's station. I was swinging my work keys in one hand and shaking my lunch with the other. One nurse told me I would not let go of her hand. And I wouldn't respond to anything. My boss told me to take the rest of the day off. I panicked after I got home. I called her to ask if this would affect my job. She said she would talk to her supervisor about it and she if something can't be worked out. Like maybe put me on the day schedule instead of evenings. That way I would not be working alone in the evenings in case it happens again. I talked to a friend of mine in AA and she told me if I happen to lose my job, I have a good case for disability because of the seizure occurring at work. Plus if they would check my things in my locker, they would see that I have my meds with me. And that I take them at the prescribed time. Plus I made sure to let my supervisor and co-workers know about my Epilepsy. And if I keep my job, I maybe able  to work days and not be working alone. I don't know what God has planned, but right now, I'm terrified.