Seeking Opinions

It's slowly been building for quite a long time but more so lately my husband and I have so many days where it feels like the house is getting too much for us.  We've got a 2 storey with a mega huge yard.  Health problems are interfering with some things in our lifes, with his Emphezema he can't enjoy his workshop like he used to & he's even thinking we shd think abt hiring someone to do our yr round yard maintenance for us & sometimes a house cleaner for me.But, now here's the hard part, my husband has lived in this house for oh maybe close to 40 yrs now.  I've lived here for abt 25.The last while he's brought up the "moving" thing in casual passing conversations.Is it crazy to be emotionally attached to a house (he always said the only way he was leaving was in a box).  I'm attached to it to a point.  I know this will sound stupid but I'd worry abt the next owner not lovingly looking after the place like we did.  But I also feel that your life's worth of happy times & memories are in your heart and head, they go with you no matter where & cannot be just confined to physical walls.So anyone that wants to offer their thoughts please feel totally free to do so.Part of me wonders - do I let this play out & follow when he in his heart decides what he wants to do.Thanks so much everyone for listening.