second shot done

Hi I took my  2nd-shot last nite- This was the first time I did it at home. Beth was home with me so she was watching. She said you did good , Mom! Just a little shaky. I did not get the body aches yet. I felt very tired when I woke up. Our girls went to bible camp today so when we took them there I got very weak standing in the parking lot. I told Byron we need to go - I think I am going to get sick. I went home and laid down for about an hour. So far- the side effects have not been bad. It is going to be a quiet week with the girls gone until Sat. I think I will go to my parents house that is 45 miles away and do some cleaning for my mom. It gets too quiet when Beth and Kris  are gone! Byron drives truck so he leaves early and is home most nights! Take CAre!!!