second journal entry

slow downyour going too fasterase this frowni want the smile to last and as i stare into your facei feel as if there is no safer placecuz i know you will protect mefrom all ofthe dangersthat i cannot see you take my breath awayyou give lifei dont know what i would ever say to please youso lord raise me highhelp me over come ive been feelin so lowbut i knowyea i knowyou will keep me strongyoull be with me through alljust keep mekeep me strongmaybe this night ill sleep all night long some people will bring me downothers will build me upi just have remember your my sideeven when i feel all aloneyou have shown me the light when my days were filled with darknessand youve made me shine so brightthat i know i cant up when i feel like theres nothin living fori glad i have you lord