scross support....thanks!

good evening! thank you so much for checking on me :) the suport on this site is awesome! i actually had a bit of a break through  :) i had a nasty attack the other day and my girlfriend was in tears. at that moment in time i realized that while i was worrying about money, work, stupid neighbors, etc the most important thing in my life was slipping away. wow.....that hit like a ton of bricks! my worst case scenario with the anxiety wasn't even close if i lost this awesome person in my life! it's only been a couple of days but they have been 95% anxiety free! i pray to God this continues and i think it will. i think i realized that people in life are the most important thing. Northstar36 also had an awesome quote "what we resist will persist" true! the more i fought the worse my anxiety would get. this site has been a God sent to me and people like you make a huge difference in life! how are things going for you? please keep me posted....i will offer any words of wisdom i can!!-------------------------------------On 03/11/08, 11:41am sross1026 wrote:I hope all is going well with you today. Have youbeen to see your doctor yet? How is your girlfriend? Is she still staying positive with you? I really hope so because I know you need that.