School Paper

This is another paper due tonight. Anyone want to take a stab thanks in advance and love ya.Robin    To Whom It May Concern:           I have been told that you need an idea for an electronic toy. I may have just what you are looking for. My idea is for a remote control submarine. This wireless toy can be used in a swimming pool, lake or in any large body of water. It will have a 10 foot long retractable antenna controlled by a remote hand held controller which will allow it to go under water. The remote controller will make the submarine go in any direction and it also has a video screen attached on the front of the sub which will allow the person operating the sub to see where it is going, even under water. The battery will be long lasting and will allow at least 3 hours of enjoyment before recharging and charger is included. You can also buy additional batteries if needed.            I think this idea of a toy may just be the ideal enjoyment for your customers. It is an electronic toy; it targets young kids to adults, and can keep them busy for hours at a time. Because it’s wireless it can be used away from electrical plug-ins.     Thank you for your time and consideration of my ideas.   Sincerely, Robin Williams