School Paper

Paper for school need some advice due tomorrow. Please advice is needed. Thanks in advance. LoveRobin   If you had 100% freedom and unlimited resources to build any website you like... What would you design / build?   Write 2-3 paragraphs to explain your answer.           I would first have to get all my information and supplies together to build my website. I would build me a family website. I would gather photos on my computer and organized in folders, photos on floppy disk and cd’s and organize them and then finally paper photos I would have to scan and put them on the computer. So this would be a big project for me. I have lots of pictures of my kids and many holidays for many years.      After I get them in the computer I would organize them by family and holidays and have a place for pets also. I have three brothers and their families during holidays not counting my aunts and uncles on my mom’s side. We’ve had several family reunions in the last few years and travel twice from Tennessee to Las Vegas by RV and then my mom travel a couple times from Tennessee to the West with my step-dad by RV. My mother also travel several times taking grandkids on trips for graduation and took lots of pictures. I would also search through the internet and find music matching the pictures to each holiday and maybe a few videos.      Then I would have a special page for my step-dad who died of cancer and a link to the cancer website. I have Neurofibromatosis and would have a link to there website and then I would have a link to Alzheimer’s website because my grandpa had this disease. A link to Daily Strength website which links too many people around the world that has chronic pain which I have this also; daily strength offers many groups of all kinds of diseases. My husband has Fibromyalgia so I would have a link to a website for more information.