SCD Day 6

WHY AM I SO IRRITABLE???  Oh my goodness this week has been tough.  I feel like my body is having major withdraws!  I hate this feeling more than anything.  It feels like when I quit smoking years ago.  Could this all be from the food?  I'm tired but antsy.  My body hurts...or just feels tired like it needs to be stretched.  My stomach and my butt hurts.  I took 3 Immodium today and still had bad diarrhea.  I finished off the dried apples tonight, atleast they're gone now.  We went out to dinner again.  I ordered Tilapia with crab meat on top.  I asked for no added sauces or anything.  I know it's not perfect for "intro week" but I don't care.  I want to feel normal again!  I want pizza rolls and a Coke Zero that's normal!  I'm so moody towards my boyfriend, it amazes me that he's still so kind to me.  I'm not happy with how I've been acting but I'm REALLY not happy with how I've been feeling!  Will this pass?  I don't get why it's so bad?  My stomach's cramping :o(.  I'm scheduling my colonoscopy and endoscopy on Monday, I had to postpone because of my surgery.  I just want to go to sleep so this feeling will go away.  PLEEEEASE let me feel better tomorrow.  Let me feel happy and normal again.