SCD Day 1

Today started out great!  I was so excited to get started :o).  I started my day with a couple of scrambled organic eggs which were delicious.  For lunch I had my chicken soup which was fine.  I also had a little bit of grape juice.  I felt like I had plenty of energy all morning but after lunch I crashed!  I had an afternoon doctors appt and by the time I got home I was STARVING...and I know how important it is to not get that hungry.  I scrambled 2 more eggs because that's the only thing that sounded good that I could have, my options are extremely limited during this "intro" period. By 5 I was pretty hungry again so I had one of my broiled beef patties.  For dinner I had more chicken soup but wasn't able to eat too much.  I'm already sick of it.  And THEN the nausia kicked it :o(.  I was so close to throwing up.  I took one of my nausia pills and had a few Tums which I'm certain are "illegal".  The thought of chicken soup makes me so sick.  What am I going to do tomorrow???  I feel like I don't have enough options.  My jello did not turn out but I think I should probabaly stay away from it anyway because the juice causes diarrhea.  I ordered a yogurt maker today from Lucy's Kitchen Shop.  I called and talked to a very nice man that told me to call Lucy anytime if I have any questions and that she had been very close to Elanie Gottschall.  He also reminded me to fallow the diet completely and to not cheat.  I'm concered how this week will go.  I need more options.  I may go ahead and figure out a few stage one things to start eating expecially if I'm going back to work on Wednesday.  I also have had a headache tonight and my wrist/hand pain has been really bad.  And I'm hungry.