say a Prayer for my friend!

I have not been on DS for a while... trying to help our my friend, she was scared to tell me that she is diagnosed with large Bcell NHL! Can you believe it, same as my Mom.... I told her to please please do not think of my Moms outcome as her own, she is only 39 years old, two small kids and is so scared. I am scared for her too, but, they already started chemo, 1st round already showed a shrinkage in the tumors they found, but she has a fever and is in isolation, they were sopposed to do the 2nd treatment today and couldn 't b/c of her fever and being too weak. I just can't believe it.  I pray that age and her being in shape will be her savior in all of this. The support from her husband and family and close friends will get her thru it. I am kind of surprising myself that I am not falling apart with her or her family. I fear that losing my Mom has made me "shock-proof" to anything now. I am scared, I want her to be OK, someone has to be OK, I don't want to relive it again. Please not again.  Keep her in your prayers and I will be back to update on myself. I miss all of you and thank you for your support that you have provided me. .. God Bless.