Saw the Doctor for my Arm

Today I went to see the doctor about my arm pain. They don't know what's pinching the nerve, but they know it's nerve pain. I feel kinda bad that they didn't even bother to do an X-ray to see if there was something in there, but they have limited resources at the clinic I went to. It's a low-income clinic, so I only had to pay $25 to see the doctor, but still it's money I didn't really have. I was hoping that they would tell me "X is wrong with your arm, just do Y and you will be fine". They gave me some steroids to try and reduce the inflammation, but other than that I walked out with nothing. I hope the steroids work, since it really hurts to bend my arm. I've had this before, where it hurt to bend the same arm and it went away after like a week on it's own, so I was hesitant to see the doctor about it since I know it's going to go away on it's own, but it's still painful. Sometimes the pain goes down my arm to my elbow and to my fingers, and sometimes my fingers twitch. 
Other than going to the clinic, I really didn't do anything today. I got enough sleep, 12 hours, and felt pretty good except for a hit of bad depression while I was waiting in the clinic. I felt like I got slammed with the depression hammer, but I recovered pretty fast- like 10 minutes later I was feeling normal again. I don't know if it was because I was in the clinic where they have the inpatient hospital for mental health and if I have problems I can go there and I know I still want an insane amount of attention and kinda want to go to the hospital, so it wouldn't have been that hard for me to walk over there and just check myself in after I saw the doctor, but I'm determined to get through this on my own. If I get to the point where I *need* to be in the hospital, I will go, don't get me wrong, but if it's just because I want to go then I'm not going to. I should never want to go to the hospital, it's not like it's a nice place to be. I wouldn't be able to keep up with my diet and exercise there either, so it's not like it would be good for me physically either.
I know I have insane demands for attention right now, so I just leave Geo alone for the most part and don't act differently than normal so he doesn't get tired of me constantly asking for attention. It's not that he gets mad, just frustrated that I have this Borderline and have crazy demands for attention, especially in the summer. It's funny, though, when we are together we don't do anything different... We were lying in bed today with the power out, just lying there and not even talking to each other. It's just that the bedroom was the coolest room in the house. The only person that was able to meet my insane demands for attention was one of my exes who had Borderline as well, but she was so crazy that I couldn't deal with her anymore. I don't want the same thing to happen with Geo, and I know it won't (that I will get too crazy for him) but I still worry sometimes. 
Food was good today, I'm actually under my calories for the day. I think it's because I was sleeping for a bunch of the day... I slept my 12 hours at night, then ate and went to the clinic for 3 hours, came home and lay down and got maybe another hour of sleep. I lay down for a while, but I only slept for like an hour. Then when it was time to cook dinner, the power went out and we have an electric stove, so we had to wait until the power came back on to make dinner. Now I'm full and I don't want to eat anymore, and I'm not going to force myself to eat when I'm not hungry and I've eaten enough for the day. Now if I haven't eaten anything at all, that's a different story, but I've eaten almost enough calories for the day (about 1300 of my 1450) so I'm okay. Plus, I've been overeating a lot lately, so a day low on calories should be good for me. I know it's bad to avoid extremes, but I'm not being anorexic again here. 
Stress was moderate today, with going to the doctor and having them find nothing wrong that they could think of... they said they had a patient with symptoms like mine before, but the woman had lifted something heavy and I didn't do anything to hurt my arm. It started hurting when I was brushing my hair yesterday morning, it's not like I was weight lifting. So I was kinda frustrated that they didn't know what was wrong and they just gave me pills, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'm going to spend some time tonight de-stressing and just looking into a candle that I have burning since the power was out since that calms me down.