Saturday: 11/23/2013

Today is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!!! There is a Doctor Who marathon on today, which I catch moments of as I move around the house. Since my hubby did OT this morning, I am recording the actual 50th Anniversary episode because he won't be home before it starts. So, we will enjoy watching that later this evening after all of the shopping is done!
I was 304 lbs (by my own scale) the day of my doctor's appointment. Today, I am 301!! I really am taking it seriously this time and I am not giving up. Yesterday, I went for a 15 minute walk. My first walk in over a year!! Today, I went for a 20 minute walk! Last night, we had Subway for dinner. Instead of eating my whole footlong, like I normally do, I immediately wrapped up the other half and ate it for lunch today. I also ate Baked Lays chips instead of the really bad for you version. 
Now, I am working on cleaning parts of the house and will be going shopping with my mom and husband later. I plan to burn a lot of calories today and make healthy food choices so that I can keep that number on the scale going down. As it goes down, my health improves, and so does my thyroid. I know that there is too much at stake to give up and fall back into my lazy patterns.
There is no reason for me being so unhealthy. My niece, who is in Heaven, would not like to see me this way, especially not if it was caused in part by my grief. It has been 9 years. I will never miss her less, but I can take my health back into my own hands. 9 years ago, I beat out all of the boys in my weight training class. I could bench my weight, which was 180, and I could 250 on the leg press. Where did that girl go? I don't know, but I will come back better than ever because now, I am more fierce than I ever was then. I will let nothing, especially myself, hold me down this time!



You are doing great!