Sat 24 Feb '18

.... and so the days go on.  Yesterday was still a topsy turvy since the carpets and upholstery were steam cleaned the day before.  I took a bow and retreated to my comfy little flat.  My floors are tiled so I wasn't targeted for the giant machine that sucks up buckets of pure mud and pooch hair.  Gross!!!  I let the younsters get on with that yuk but took the occasional peep into the chaos and felt relieved that my hectic days in years by were now in the hands of someone else.  Anyway, the smell of the powder that's used in the carpet machine is way too harsh on my lungs to I has good reason to retreat into the leafy courtyard to soak up a bit of sunshine.    

Today was a tad better - the carpets are still drying out and the upholstered furniture had to lie out on the lawn again today. John, in the meantime, put on his work hat and set about taking down all the vertical blinds and giving them a good soaking under the garden hose.  All in all, the tired old house is beginning to feel more and more like a home with a new personality and fresh enthusiasm. 

The day was a gorgeous 28 degrees and it wasn't long before the net came off the pool and the inflatable lolling lounging li-lows hit the water.  Baby got another impromptu swimming lesson and my young 10yr old step-granddaughter did her level best to belly flop and dive bomb every drop of water out of the pool.  John got stuck into doing a lamb BBQ enough to feed the nation and just as well because my nephew and Rosie's in-laws pitched up on their way to the coast for their annual 3-week time share.  And, of course, they wanted to take a quckie look-see Rosie's new home and sample John's mastery at the grill.  After the deathly quiet that hung over my home like a shroud, it was truly uplifting to hear kiddies laughter, adult conversation and glasses chinking again.  It felt as though my home had risen like a phoenix from the ashes of despair.    

By late afternoon after the sun had slipped away behind the hills, the yesterday-today-and- tomorrow shrubs released their heady perfume into the cool evening air and drove all the tiredness and pain right out of my body.  It seemed also that my lungs opened and I could draw the sweet air into my chest. What a pleasure to sit a while without fighting for breath!  I opened the windows in my flat wide and drew the blinds to welcome the fragrance into my little place.  We also had a short but violent storm with crashing thunder and bright lightening streaking across the sky.  At one time I thought it was going to hail and flatten my roses, but no sooner had the storm arrived than it was whisked away and the sky opened again clean and clear. 

The birds hurried back for their final splash and preen before heading into their hide aways to roost for the hight.  Well, so too must I - it's going on for 11.15pm ane way past my sleep time and my bed is calling ........... bye for now.