Santa\'s Fingers

When I was a freshman in college in 1964, I had the opportunity to be Santa Claus for a group of children at an orphanage.   I had a great time and it really warmed my heart.  It was a little after 10 in the evening when I got back to my dorm and I was still pepped up.  So, I decided to have a little fun.  I couldn't return the Santa suit till the next morning.  What to do?  How about a visit to the girls' dorms?  This was a very small college and it had only 2 girls' dorms.  One was a two story modern building and the other was a big old house.  Well,I went to modern one and started Ho-Ho-Hoing outside one of the ground floor windows.  To my surprise, it was a room of a girl I knew and she had company,,,5 more girls!  I asked them if they'd been good little girls and what they wanted me to bring them for Christmas.  Apparently, one of the girls in the room starting phoning other girls in the dorm and in no time girls were at the windows on both floors!  The girl I knew recognized me, but I signaled her not to let on she knew me.  She had great idea that I should go to the other dorm and she crawled out the window to go with me.  She couldn't go out the dorm door because there was a 10PM curfew.  The old house had very few lights on when we got there, but  few Ho-Ho-Hos got about dozen girls on the front balcony.  I used a slow, dripping southern drawl to disguise my voice so they wouldn't know who I was then or later.  One of the girls on the balcony was a sophomore who had really given me H,,l during freshman initiation.  She thought up new ways to torment me.  Why she picked me out, I don't know.  Soooo, since I was behind a beard(Gives you lots of courage.) and using the fake voice, I let into her.  I told her how bad she'd been to me and that when she wasn't tormenting, she would even acknowledge that I even existed.   How she wouldn't even speak to me in the halls when I spoke to her.  She kept asking who I was and I wouldn't tell her.  Finally, I gave her a clue.  I told her, "Find a man with 3 fingers the same length on his left hand and you've found your man".(The tip of the middle finger on my left hand was cut off in a meat grinder the first day out of high school.)  Everybody on campus used the same cafeteria, so the next day, there she was going down the line asking guys to see their left hands.  They thought she was crazy.  She'd go down the line, but never asked me.  She'd go right passed.  Nobody would have thought I could do something like that.  Day after day, meal after meal, she'd go down the line looking at guys' hands.  After a week, I let her off the hook.  I went up to her and asked why she was acting so crazy and she told me about the Santa Claus.  She told me about the fingers and that's why she'd been acting that way.  And I said, "You mean fingers like these?", and I held up my hand.  She got really mad and asked me why I had done it.  I told her that all I had said was true and she deserved to hear it.  She apologized and asked if there was anything she could do to correct things.  I told her I would feel better if she went out with just one time on a date.  Well, we went to a movie that weekend and I got a better reputation with the guys in my dorm.  I'd dated an older woman.