Same old thing

Have'nt written for a few days.Nothing much happening apart from trying to keep cool. Today is going to be 42deg.SO HOT. Also very high humidity.
I felt so tired yesterday & slept on & off until nearly 430pm. I did manage to get to the library so at least I did something.We are going to have the hottest week on record so I am glad I have a few days off before I go back to work.
Poor Queensland is getting ready for the biggest cyclone on record to hit. As if they have'nt been through enough.
I helped Ed water the garden late afternoon yesterday & got bitten to death by mozzies. Sometimes I wonder why I like living in Australia!I thought the mozzies would leave me alone after a few years but no, they still keep biting.
i have been up since 3am. I made breakfast for Ed before he went to work, & made him a salad to take for lunch. He is going to get used to this!It only happens when I can't sleep!
Time for coffee.