Today i want to talk about my sales in my direct selling adventure, I have handed out my catalogs and am waiting for orders and have talked to a person about booking a show in September, and wishing to close my show by the 27th with no orders on my books yet. This show that I am closing on the 27th is my starter show, and I am patiently waiting for orders, I don't know how to go about getting orders with out being so pushy. 
I know in sales you have to be a certain amount of pushy, but I don't want to be so bad that the cops get called on me. A part of me know I can do this and be successful, but just getting started is the challenge, starting with getting orders, and getting bookings, and inviting people to join my team. 
The cool thing about it is, I can make my own schedule and I don't have to work 8 or more hours. I can make my own hours. So it works around my own schedule. I hope to be able to get this started soon. 
I believe what I will get out of this is meeting my budget, which is way out there, and paying off a lot of outstanding debt, and giving myself a little more breathing room where my children are concerned. And to add to that note, my children are excited to help me with my business. Yay!!! So wish me good luck in my endeavor, and if you would like more information on my endeavor, please message me and I will give you more details on what I am doing.