I had a bad day yesterday, remembering last year on my birthday, remembering you. I was feeling mightily sorry for myself and was feeling royally misused and abused. Did some banking today and you’re now ready to start paying bills. I was looking for the storage card and key that you had and still cannot find them. Found some other stuff though and took a trip down memory lane when I chanced upon your itinerary for one of our trips.
            I spent three hours today on snow management. Three hours of chopping (ice), shoveling, scraping, raking (the roof), and blowing the snow around. I am so sore, I can’t believe it. My wrist hurts so bad that I can hardly type. I know if you were here we’d be packing. As our friend in Jamaica asked “Snow? what’s that like?”
            Some one asked if icicles were pretty (online) so I decided to post some pictures of icicles for the poor underprivileged folks who never have to deal with them. Well, don’t you know, while taking the pictures, I bumped one with my head and it proceeded to slide down the back of my neck, inside all my layers of shirts, all the way to my waist. I got so pissed that I took the snow shovel and mowed them all down. Felt good! Warmed me up! Seriously, I can no longer do this, snow on snow , on snow. Enough already!
            Kristin and the grandsons are coming over tomorrow, so I have to be up early to get the grocery shopping done. Should be a fun day though. The grandsons always cheer me up.
Till the snow stops falling, Your Ken