Sad Times For Me

I took my Harley back to the mechanic that supposedly fixed it.  We had an extended visit to say the least and he said he would get right on it but, that's secondary now.
When I returned home, I got a phone call from my friend's daughter.  He is dying.  His son is enroute from Alaska and, should arrive this evening.  I went to the house and Hospice was there.  He is now in renal failure and his organs are shutting down.  His daughters believe he is trying to hang on till his son arrives.
The daughters asked me to come back tonight and have prayer with the family when they all arrive.  They told me they do not believe he will live through the night and I told them to call me at any hour if they need me.
This may be why my trip was interrupted, I don't know.  I am very saddened by all of this.  He and I were good friends, we served in the Lion's Club together.  We were always partners in making pancakes for the Lion's club every year.  I would mix the batter and he would put it on the grill and flip the pancakes.  We had a lot of fun and commrodery with each other. He came to my church to visit,  He has been a Methodist for years but, we had a lot of fun together and we kidded each other often.  This man  has seen the world.  He worked for Nasa.  Been in Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, in Quadulin , in Florida, in Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, and many many other parts of the world.  He was a great friend and a wonderful neighbor.  He was a good Christian man, all his life and we have had many times of prayer together.  I realize, he is in the Lord's hands now and I am satisfied with that.  I am just somewhat selfish and I don't want to give him up here on earth.
Death has always bothered me but moreso since my son was killed in 2005.  I have lost many friends the past 3 years and I can truthfully say, I never met a better man, than Jim Martin.



I Don\'t Know WHAT To Say. . .But I Love You !

Will, Be Praying For You.....OK ?

Love & HUGS. .Barbara
Community LeaderSunCloudJD

Im sorry for the pain you are in Peewee.. God bless you and keep you safe.. you are right your dear friend is in the best hands ...we all have dark hours and they are hard to bear.. you are in my heart and Prayers..xx

what a group you will have waiting for you, when you get to Heaven, I am so proud of you