Sad Saturday

                 Everyday is a sad day now but I think I'm going to rename this day to Sadderday. One year ago today you called me from the highway because you were to nauseous to drive. I thought you ate something that hadn't agreed with you at Phil's funeral. I am so stupid!
I discovered that the windstorm that knocked out the power also blew rain under the front door. The carpet in the entryway is all wet. I set up fans and such. First time that's ever happened.
I couldn't sleep last night because my sinuses were so stuffed and I was all achy, so I got up and downed a shot of Nyquil. Next thing I knew it was 7:30 am. Feeling somewhat better today, sinuses are clearing, still a little tired took a nap though and I'm going to try and watch a movie.
I took the camera to Audubon today to try and get some pics of my stars, wouldn't you know as soon as I fired the camera up it said the batteries were dead. Then I had to hunt down some batteries and replace them. In so doing I lost all the settings in that camera and it was taking high res pics, default setting, and the flash wouldn't work. That wouldn't have been so bad but it was getting dark and it was damn cold out there. The water never unfroze today so I'm guessing that the temps didn't get much past freezing. I got a few pics, I'll have to try again another day. Koda cooperated, of course, and my lil buddy but I lost all my pics of him because of the battery problems. I never thought about it but owls present a real red-eye challenge.
I had so many questions for you today, so many things to tell you. But you're not here, it's so unfair. I'm going to try and sew this damn button on my pants once again, this is getting ridiculous.
I’ll have a blue Christmas without youI’ll be so blue just thinking about youDecorations of red on a green Christmas treeWon’t be the same dear, if you’re not here with meAnd when those blue snowflakes start fallingThat’s when those blue memories start callingThey’ll be doing alright with their Christmas of whiteBut I’ll have a blue Christmas blue, blue, blue Christmas
Your Ken



boy do I understand the blue Christmas....that song puts so much into perspective....take it easy, hope you get well soon, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....hugs, Sandi

The end of the year is a hard time for a lot of us, but that song really puts in right into focus. It sucks. I hope that you get to feeling better, a cold and just make things all that much worse. Take care of yourself and give yourself time to rest and heal. Hugs Jane