Sad day

My youngest daughters best friend left for Germany today as a University foreign exchange student. Gone until the end of July. She practically lives with us, has for 5 years, and although we are so happy and excited for her to have this opportunity,we are going to miss her SO MUCH! We cried buckets coming home from the airport.
And Davy Jones died. It was hard enough when Clarence Clemons passed away, but Davy? I still remember when he was on the Brady Bunch, singing at Marcia's prom. Just hard to see my childhood "idols" die.
I feel like I'm getting my sea legs back a bit but haven't wanted to really talk to anyone for the last few days. Just hibernating a bit. But I am getting a (late?) physical reaction to this withdrawal. Not depressed, but definitely melancholy. Maybe a touch of PTSD? The trauma being what I have done to myself and my family.
But I don't want to gamble. What I would like to do is go to a mountain lodge with a steaming cup of Baileys and hot chocolate and strike up conversations with interesting strangers.
What I will do is strike up conversations with DS and SafeHarbor members, and just learn, share and care.