Round Three plus some exciting news

Well I meet with my doctor today regarding my failed IVF and the plan for my next IVF. My doctor is still stumped regarding my low progestrone which caused me to start to bleeding. We will be on a different protocol including going back to progestrone in oil and extending the number of days with stims to increase the number of mature eggs. I will be talking with the patient coordinator to get all the details later this week. I have to be honest to say that I'm not very eager this time to start all the medication because this discomfort and bloating are all to fresh in my mind!
My exciting news is that my sister just found out that she is having twin girls!! YAHOO, I can't wait to get my shop on and load up on lots of pink and bling!! Not that I don't l.o.v.e shopping for Trevin, 2 1/2 yo nephew, but come on two girls. Maybe God knew that I couldn't afford two nieces and a baby of my own all at once! So now it is time to start thinking of 'T' names because these two little ones need to fit in with the rest of their family.
Just a little FYI infertility isn't a family trait, my fabulous sister ended up with two from just one night of grown up time. Lucky girl!! Trust me I have asked her more then once if she would give me just one! 



LOL! Too funny! It seems my sister and all my friends are fertile Myrtle...then there is me! But, congrats new Auntie!!! I love being an Aunt and I spoil my nephews all the time! My mother loves to put pressure on me to have a the IVF isn\'t enough!!!! LOL!

I agree with you. I\'m not looking forward to the bloating and the pain. I had a slight case of OHSS last time and cried myself to sleep one night even though I pride myself in being so tough! HA! But, moreso, I\'m not looking forward to that dreaded 2ww...Can I please just have something to knock me unconcious for 2 weeks....Hmmmmm...I wonder if that would be a good medical trial....I bet births would increase for sure!!!!

THINKING OF YOU!!! ~ Christine