Round Robin Letter 1

        Happy Holidays friends and family!
Another year has flown by so fast! But you know us... we are always so busy!  Sam is still on a premeire leage soccer team- he led them to the championships this year - coach says he has "HUGE talent" so we are sending him to the top soccer camp in the country  this summer.
 Morgan is still our little bookworm, she gets straight A's in her honors classes, we are pretty sure that she will get a full scholarship to Harvard next year!
We had a "situation" this summer that really shook us up a great deal. We went down from three nannies to two and our house manager suddenly quit on us! We had to go for a week without help- we thought we would never get through it!
Bob is still with the Law firm of  "Dickerson- Petty- and Green" making his way right up to partner soon! All those long hours may be paying off just like we had hoped. We look forward to some vacationing next summer! We will send out postcards if we have a break in the fun - we will do what we can to show you the "highlights" of each trip, maybe you will feel like you are right there with us!
I am still president of our neighborhood party planning team and even though its absolutely *exhausting*  for me, it is also rewarding to use my leadership skills ( not everyone has that ability)  to ensure that everything goes smoothly...I heard that the last president broke down in tears and almost quit because there was a mix up about who was bringing the utensils ( everyone brought spoons and well can image what happened from there) so this is a position not to be taken lightly.
We hope all is well with you and yours!  Happy Holidays!
Best wishes,
Bob, Trina, Morgan, Sam