Rough week

It's been a rough week.  I've been trying to turn off the faucet in my nose.  Don't know what's going on.  Only that it runs constantly and goes into my lungs and makes me cough.  It's disrupting class at work and I've been carrying a roll of toilet paper with me to blow my nose.  Finished off my second roll last night! I've emptied waste baskets 3 times this week. It's disrupting my sleep and I can't figure how I'm still going.  Thought it was my allergies kicking in and took Clariden D, but it hasn't helped much unless this stuff is so bad that that's all it can do.  Training will be finished Friday and we get on the phones then.  Then, for the next two weeks our class will be in "transition" where we'll be on the phones with close supervision.  After that, we'll be on our own.  The good thing about this operation is that nobody's totally on their own.  There are other workers walking the floor just to help anybody that needs it.  It's good to have a safety net.  My biggest problem is the mechanics,,,getting to the pages I need to help the caller.  We've been role playing, and I've noticed that when I know the mechanics of the problem, the words come.  Well, I've always been able to talk.  Still scared.  Foxy hasn't gotten used the schedule , and in another week, I'll be on a new one.  My normal schedule will be 11:30AM-8:00PM.  I really think I can do this job if I can get the mechanics down.