Rough night

Last night was tough, we are trying to get thank you letters out to all 300 people that attended our sons funeral, and an additional 100 to those who sent cards and donations from all over! It was alot of work. At ten we watched the news, there were new developments in my sons case, the man that supplied the kids the alcohol, which led to Jarretts death had turned himself in after running from the scene of the accident. Apparently he was currently on probation and had several outstanding warrants. My husband was so worked up and very upset, he was up all night. Of course all his walking around, and phone calls kept waking me up too, so were both exhausted and my little one is wide awake and wanting attention. I think were both stressing about our first court date. How can I look at the man who killed my son without wanting to tear his eyes out of thier sockets!?