Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll was not invented as some people will say – it was discovered. A DJ may have take credit for coining the phase but that’s all semantics driven by destiny. Rock and Roll was discovered by a man and a woman on a hot night when they laid a blanket down in the cool dew of some grass for wild, hot, sweaty, unbridled sex. It was brought to life by their gyrations and the sound of sweat squeezing between their naked bodies. Rock and Roll came in the world naked and innocent and has fought to remain that way for half a century. Elvis held it by it’s feet before the world as an infant, as the boogies of Chuck Berry smacked it square on the ass. It let out a scream that has never died. Rock and Roll’s playpen was the honkey tonks and bars where pickers embraced the guitar licks of Les Paul and Bo Diddley. Rock and Roll was lullabyed by Janis, mesmerized by the Beatles and cut his teeth on beer bottles thrown by the Stones. City streets were the playground of Rock and Roll, as teenagers in hot rods and roadsters blaring music and hypnotizing other with the beat. Rock and Roll shook it’s lengthy hair and Hendrix was born. It sweat and the drops gathered at it’s feet and became Jim Morrison’s voice.Someone gave Rock and Roll a leisure suit during the disco era, and when it saw itself in a mirror, it took off the polyester, wiped it’s ass with it, tossed it in the air and it fell back to earth in the form of the flannel shirts and tattered jeans of grunge, as Neil Young and Curt Cobain scampered to put them on. Rock and Roll took Aerosmith to a strip club, hooked Joe Walsh up with Jack Daniels, and held AC/DC and Motley Crue up by the hair of their heads out of their vomit in the morning. Rock and Roll sent the troops Credence in Vietnam to keep them sane and Van Halen to the Persian Gulf to keep them focused.Rock and Roll saw we were tired and gave us The Eagles, like a soft blanket on the rocks along a mountain stream and then saw craved the feel of hard steel and gave us heavy metal, and sharpened the edge like a razor with Dio, Nazareth, and Black Sabbath. Rock and Roll whispered in John Lennon’s ear as he wrote “Imagine” and grabbed Sex Pistols by the balls as they sang “God save the Queen”. It sits on top of every juke box playing Lynard Skynard, hissing like a snake and on the hard drives of iPods, reaching down and moving the hips and heads of people carrying them. It’s Rock and Roll that makes girls wet their lips and guys watch the rhythm of the back pockets of their jeans. Without Rock and Roll fireworks would go “pop” and not “boom”, linebackers would hug and not hit, and even push-up bras would lose their appeal. Canvas sneakers would be like cinder blocks, t-shirts would still be underwear, and leather would be for protection. Rock and Roll is what raises the dust from the floors of bars, and makes saliva flow down the chins of couples making out. Every Moog, Zildijian, and Stratocaster has a soul where Rock and Roll lives. It eats metal, drinks lava, and digests them into anthems that brand the significant events in our lives. It never rests, sleeps, or hides. Rock and Roll takes our worries and stomps them in the dirt with steel toed boots and then spits acid on them. It’s that part of our heart and brain that doctors can’t define,, doesn’t show up on a CAT scan and is meant to be shared. It doesn’t mater if you light a candle or an inferno, as long as it’s lit.