Rheumy Appt.

Man, I just wrote a whole Journal and was about to save it I hit the wrong button and now have to start all ovet again.
O, well. I had my Dr. Waller appt. yesterday and he was so happy to see I am doing so well. On his Acr scale, he said I was almost a 70. The Enbrel is working and he doesn't want me to change a thing. My Bloodwork came back great no Liver Probems, my Knee looked good and my Ortho Dr. appt. is Monday.  There is no more major swelling no pain, only when I lift or hike a long way, but I'll see what he has to tell me on Monday about that. I have a little swelling in my right wrist, but he said that it will come and go b/c I am right handed and should try to do mor with my left to give the right some rest. ( yeah right, me being lefthanded)
My attitude toward Ra is that I pretend I don't have it and go on with my Life. I never would have thought, that that was possible. I have come such a long way and I credit alot to my Friends at DS for their support. You guys are awsome!
No I am praying that my Husband will go back to work soon, as he hasn't worked in almost a month and our savings is dwindling down. I have lived in my House for 32 Years and would hate to think that I might lose it. I think the Economy will go back up and he will work again soon. STAYING POSITIVE.



So glad that your are doing better. We are so lucky to have the meds we do these days, so we can at least have a semblance of a normal life. 50 years ago, it wasn\'t that way. I will pray for your husband, that the right job will come along very soon.