Rheumalologist Visit

Saw Dr Timms yesterday.  Not a good visit!  I don't know if he was just in a bad mood or what!  I have been on methlyprednisilone for several weeks, 8mg, and plaquenil for 8 weeks.  Have tried to wean off the methylpred 3 times in the last two months without success.  My symptoms come back with added new ones each time no matter how slowly I taper.  He seemed like he was frustrated with me for not having more success, and that the Plaguenil is not working yet.  I am going to stay on it another two months.  He says it can actually take up to 4 months to work.  I left wondering if he thinks I am just a big baby or what?!  I imagine there are people with a low threshold for discomfort of any kind but have never thought of myself as one.  When the symptoms are so bad that you can barely function because of fatigue and muscle weakness what are you supposed to do?  Also What is Sjorgren's doing to me when I am that sick?  This time I felt like my GI tract was under attack.  I am coming through it now, but it was not pleasant.  I looked like I was 6 months pregnant! One good thing since Thanksgiving is that I have really cleaned up my diet and I feel good about eating better.  Well, just needed to vent a little.  Sjogren's is sure frustrating to me and all around me!  Have a Merry Christmas guys.  Thanks for your support.  Love, Pam