I'll be officially retired in just over a week.  I'll call the unemployment people and tell them to take me off their list and I'll be able to stop looking for a job.  My benefits have run out so I'll have to be careful with my money until my first social security check comes next week.  I'll still be looking for a job to supplement my income, but the pressure of finding work will be off.  I may be able to slip by without going to the grocery store this week.  With the check coming in the last week of the month, my landlord should be happy because he'll be getting the rent earlier than normal.  His will be the first check written.  The other bills will be paid on time, too.  It will take some getting used to having only one check a month.  And what about my day to day life?  What will it be like?  For some reason I think I want to do some fishing, but changes will have to be made because of my health.  Using a bait casting will go away because of my thumb, so spin casting and spinning reels will be used.  I'll have to use the second smallest tackle box, because the biggest one is just too big.  That will be okay because I never used a tenth of the lures I carried anyway.  And, I can go fishing during the week!  More yard work and house cleaning will be done and hopefully, I'll get more exercise.  The food will be the same.  The laundry will be the same. So, it looks like things won't much from the time I've been looking for job, except, maybe, I'll have a little fun.  That is, after I get the disability and extra benefits decided and that might take another 2 months.  We'll see.