Restraining Order Time??????

Funny how someone can say one thing but do the EXACT OPPOSITE??? THIS I TRULY DON'T UNDERSTAND. He says he doesn't care about anything going on in my life, that I should just BE POSITIVE and MOVE FORWARD. The Judge gave him specific instructions he is to pick Austin up at " CURBSIDE " Well knock on the door last night Austin opened he walked right in went to use the bathroom then sat down at my dining table. I said nicely " What are you doing " I thought we could talk " I then said  " OUTSIDE NOW " Look I said i'm doing this in front of Austin but you are NOT ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE GOT IT. Calm down Theresa he said I want to talk to you. YOU JUST DON'T GET IT DO YOU I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU ANYMORE!!!!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY SO STEP OFF BEFORE I HAVE THE POICE DO IT FOR YOU!!! See this is why you will never be anything or go anywhere because your negitive your not a POSITIVE PERSON. You have no ambition or goals other than to try to find some other sucker to take care of you so you can sit on your ass and do nothing. I work 2 jobs plus do haircuts and babysit on the weekends for extra money. I worked for everything we had I NEVER stayed home with my kids even when they were babies.
He went on to tell me how I will never get out of this apt but he was going places and when his business takes off and he starts making ' REAL MONEY " I better not try to take him back to court and get more out of him. He called me lazy and said that I should switch Therapist because the one I have wasn't working. That I was stuck in anger and I was not taking any of the blame that I was still blamming him for everything. Did I miss something I wasn't the one who packed up all my stuff and drove away. How is this NOT ALL HIS FAULT????? He says i'm not the one letting go and moving on yet he is the one texting and calling me with such lame ass shit like " are you drinking enough water in all this heat " and " how's the car battery holding up " oh and my favorite " just calling to see if you took mr kitty for his shots" Boy for some one who doesn't care about anything going on in my life he sure does have alot of questions.
I don't know where the attack on my character came from I haven't spoken to him in a while the NO CONTACT RULE. I have not bothered with him at all i'm just trying to live my life in peace and quite. True to form I turned my phone off last night because I knew what was coming next it's his pattern always. I'M SORRY HONEY I DIDNT MEAN IT. When I woke up this morning there were tons of text messages and missed calls all through the night. One of them said so sorry about last night I hope our future discussions go better. I text back this 1st your not sorry because for you to really be sorry you have to admit that you did anything wrong. And 2nd there will be no more future discussions between us. 3rd i'm going to change my cell number you may call austin on the home phone.And lastly if you come over here again and get in my face I will slap a restraining order on you and have your visitations revoked until such time when you can prove you are acting in Austin's best interest. Then he tried to call over and over and over again. Sending me text that say please pick up the phone, pick up the phone honey, pick up pick up pick up....... I never did and left the house for most of the day. What the HELL is wrong with him??????????????????