The winter months have arrived.  With those months bring responsibilities that hubby always performed:  make sure the downspouts are clean and won't clog with leaves, make sure we had enough wood stacked on the porch for our wood-burning stove, make sure the tires have enough tread for those icey mornings, paint those rooms that we kept saying we'd get to, shovel the snow that will undoubtedly appear some morning when I need to get out of the lane, make sure the car has enough antifreeze and to the correct temp, get all the tax information ready for the dreaded "tax return date," and help with the holidays of cooking, shopping, and Christmas decorations.  All of the prep work is daunting, and here I am to do it again, and again, and again.  I sure miss his broad shoulders to lean on when I am tired and just don't want to face another responsiblity.  He was so dependable and trustworthy, and he was my soft place to land!