Respect Factor

If you are going to come to me in a nice manner i will greet you in a nice matter. But if you come at me all crazy i will come at you twice as hard its just my way of life. Dont insult me and think im going to let you get away with it. Parents say, "respect your elders and those older than you." what that says is respect people who you are supposed to respect and @#$! off to others. I take ASL (American Sign Language) if your going to sit here and disrespect me in front of the class then i will embarrass you back in front of the whole class. If you assign a assignment that requires us to do a song thats easy in ASL then im going to choose a song that will help me learn better. If you know spongebob the "campfire song" dont you think its hard to spell that fast. Well guess wat practice makes perfect. But that song is "idi-ish" what the hell kind of name is "idi-ish" my attempt in making it easier for me to learn this language is "idi-ish and stupid-ish" but you are the one sitting here making up words that you cannot say in ASL.
Another thing if you are going to lie in front of my face and i figure out i will put you on blast in front of everybody. couple of days ago i asked a girl for some gum she said she didnt have any. Mmk i let it go, 2 mins later some other kid asks her for some gum and she said i hav a new pack here you go. My mind flipped the switch and everybody knows that is some F****in Bull****. Secondly if im trying to do my work and you wont give me the papers so i can do my work im not gonna do it ALL over again you are gonna give me my damn papers.
Why cant there be a specific time a year for 5 seconds it is legal to punch a girl. Dont look at me as a bad person but let me describe the person. She is a back stabbing 2 faced hoe that cant keep her damn mouth shut. You tell her one thing the next hour it will be international news. She thinks she so high and mighty because shes had sex multiple times and funny thing is the guys didnt tell her that she is just that easy she think she is beautiful and nothing needs to change about her. NEWS FLASH you have pimples all over your face your hair is like walking threw tangled rope and you barely know what your saying 99% of the time.
For the past couple of days i thought to my self what if i just ignored all insults ignored everything in the world dont get loud with anybody dont get mad to the point you just want to punch something. But this one girl gets me to the point i would break laws, commandments, and prolly so bad that it will go against the constitution. - Dont try to joke and say that im still a virgin because i never told YOU! if i dont want my whole life being on a newspaper everyday then so be it thats me. But if you want yours on tv on newspaper in the skies then thats you. Dont try to put me on blast knowing if i do it i will look like a complete asshole and you would be sitting crying for the rest of the day or life!
I feel a little better writing this but im still pissed