Reply to Vonni's question!

That sounds fantastic! I wish you luck! About your working out every second day thing, I never actually considered it. I mean Id like to work out every day cuz I need to lose major weight, but do you think I should try doing every second day at first so I keep up my routine? Shoot me a message please! Thanks! REPLY: Hi Vonni, Thanks for your reply =) I think it is an individual thing as to how often you work out but here are some key things to consider! - fitness level (what is your 'average' energy output at the moment and will daily exercise be too big a jump from that?) e.g. I used to train in swimming and dancing when I was younger and daily exercise was a part of a healthy challenge which my body could handle - Time (working out for hours on end may sound effective but it can be detrimental) if you are working out 20min a day that is recommended. - Intensity (how intense are you planning on working out daily?) for example; If you do every second day you allow time for recovery, and the bonus is that you can work out the day after with extra vigor and get more out of your workout, including more results with less stress on your body - Type of exercise (alternating muscle groups is wise so as not to cause imbalance physically or overwork areas) usually you find workouts that target 'lower body' 'upper body' and so on. It's really wise to look after your body and know thy'self. - Limitations; Take care of your knees, joints, back and so on. I know that working out daily, particularly an intense cardio section can put me in pain and hurt these areas. This not only hurts but can cause injury, and stop you from achieving results or continuing to work out. Often people go in too intense, hard, every day, extra motivated and it flops and they wonder why! So to summarize; Be realistic, Be gentle on yourself, if you start slow and pace it out you will still get the results and make it last... Also you mention you are aiming for weight loss; just watch your input - clean eating is a good start - keep it simple... reduce your fizzy drinks, drink more water, eat carbs that are from natural sources such as pumpkin or sweet potato and cut out high sugary or salty snacks and graze on seeds, nuts and saltanas for a few ideas! :) I hope this helps - any questions ask! :)