I've been reminded of my California trip the last few days, as if I needed to be reminded.  On my home page on the computer at work, there's an ad for maps and wouldn't you know, it's a map of San Francisco.  It's been there for a while.  In fact, I'd looked at it during the time before I made the trip.  Yesterday, I looked at it again and found the streets we'd been on.  It was amazing how easy they were to find and trace our wonderings.  Block by block, street by street, area by area.  And, I'd say to myself, "I've been there!"  And yesterday, I saw a feature of Boudin's Bakery.  It showed how they made the bread.  Told about it's history.  Did you know that the sourdough starter they use is 160 years old?  And I remembered,,,,the beautiful store,,,the bakery,,,,the people,,,and the wonderful bread that tasted as good as it smelled.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about the trip.  It has to have been the happiest time in my adult life.  Going to Disneyland was the happiest in my kid time.  But, as an adult, I think this trip meant more.  Maybe, it was because Sara was bound and determined to get me there.  Or that Vickie was bound and determined too.  A big part of it was that while I was there, I didn't think about anything but what I was experiencing there.  For all my worry, the trip was welkl worth it.  I'll never forget it.