Remicade....I finally did it

Well, I finally did it.  I have been mulling it over for about a year and finally took the pluinge and started Remicade.  My GI has been trying to get me onto a biologic for ages now.  
It's very strange since I'm not in a flare right now although I suspect my new normal isn't quite normal at all.  I'm usually very tired and I do go to the bathroom a number of times each day sometimes with urgency so I know things aren't quite right.  

I agonized over the Remicade decision so I'm happy that I finally took the decision to start.  Of course the stress didn't end there, my insurance company saw to that with a swift denial letter which was then challenged by my doctor.  They approved but didn't write to me to inform me so even the day before my first appointment nobody seemed to know if I was approved or not - correction they told me I was DENIED.  My doctors nurse assured me this was not the case and finally got a letter from them.

Anyway the infusion itself was fine.  I had benadryl and tylenol beforehand then the Remicade took about 2.5 hours.  All the while I was sitting in a nice comfy chair with a pillow under my arm and a warm blanket!  the nurses there were fab.  The only inconvenience is they only take Remicade appointments on Wednesday, I had hoped to go on Fridays so I had the weekend to recover but oh health now comes first and work will have to get over it.

I was extremely tired the afternoon after the infusion and all of the following day.  Now I'm feeling good so lets hope this keeps up.