Remembering Today

Today, 42 years ago, my son Michael Jerome was born.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was cold, snowing and, when his mother went into labor, we had to travel 18 miles to the hospital.  I passed 2 snowplows on the way to the Hospital.  It was late on Jan.12th, snow was blowing bad.  He was born later in the morning of the 13th. I bought cigars and passed them out that morning.  I was just a young man then, I was 24 years old and Michael had an older brother and sister waiting for him when he got home 3 days later.  My daughter was just 2 and she was fascinated by a baby. My son Michael was killed by a drunk driver on July 6th 2005.  He would have been 42 today. You never forget things like this.  I just wish things would have been different but, we endure many hardships and hurt along this pathway we call life.  I don't understand why things like this happen but, I have put my trust in my best friend, whose name is Jesus and He has been my comforter and my strength these past 4-1/2 years.