So along rolls the next religious meeting at school, called open house, and I just think 'can I be bothered to go again?' There is a reason for me taking this perspective and it is the reason that religion is also one of my biggest bugbears. I mean no offense by my view to anyone, it is just how I see the world.    Religion is an invention used to make people feel good about themselves. You feel that by attending church you have done something good but have you actually. Sit on your bum for an hour and occasionly chant out a few songs in a suitably tone-deaf manner, get bored stiff and that means you feel like you've done something? I mean sure you've survived the ordeal of the service but you haven't done much else. So you are pious, so what. It means nothing in the long run. People aren't going to look at you and think 'he is a really nice person because he is christian' or 'I should really trust her because she has faith', the world just doesn't work like that.    Another thing I find rediculous is prayer, you kneel down and whisper a few words into your hands. Is that supposed to do something. You are going to help people by doing that? That is going to change the world, tell me, how will it change the world again. I mean, if god does even exist then he is sitting up there on his pedestal behind the pearly gates listening to this incessant chattering of thousands of people praying. There is a reason for why prayers are NEVER answered, and that is either because 1. God doesn't exist, or 2. God is saying, 'I'm not going to change the world, you do it, otherwise where is the challenge for you?' Prayer is just another happy-clappy way of trying not to have any responsibility for your actions or for what is going on and it just doesn't work, it just doesn't.     Also christian morals are rediculous too. What is the point of a strict moral code if you can't follow it. I have had a lot of recent experience that it is just rediculous. Once again it is a happy-clappy thing that people follow when it makes them feel good and only when they have something to gain from it. Altruism goes out of the window. It just seems so rediculous when you look at it. People forgive only when they can take advantage of the person late, they never forget. They only show understanding, or at least try to, when it shows them in good light, or at least when they think it does. How do I know this? I've had a lot of first hand experience of this of late and I know, I'm not saintly, all this stuff about morality applies to me to, but this is my view of religion and if you can't take it, well, I really don't care about that to tell the truth. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is allowed in this country and I don't see what is wrong with building views upon experience. To me it is all superstition.    Religion is a farce, deal with it