Reincarnation Maybe...

I read a post by a friend on Facebook this morning...  Yvonne Rhodes... oh she is such a gift... I wish she'd join our group... I guess I should ask her... but have hesitated... I know she's got a lot of calls on her time... anyway... I will ask because I know you all would feel so blessed by her... She writes the most beautiful poetry... Its like she reached inside each our hearts and spoke our feelings...
Okay so Yvonne posted speaking about her niece Caitlin and her "connection" with her daughter Laura.  I wrote her the following message and wanted to share it with you all.  I have written about this but it was a long time ago... I'd love to know if any of you have had similar "events" happen to you or someone you know...  I will be posting this in my journal also... Love and Blessings To All Of You.  Elissa
We had something happen when our son was around 3...
First of all though some background... John's father Woodrow (Woody) had a younger brother who died in 1973 I think... give or take a year... Woody said one night he was laying with his back to the door in his room... kind of in a sleeping but not sound asleep state... when he saw Pete, his brother in the doorway.... He could only see Pete's head and upper torso and shoulders... the rest in shadow.... but he said he could see him as clear as anything...  It struck Woody as odd that he was seeing Pete in the door because his back was to the door... He did not move for fear he would make the apparition disappear...  Woody was so happy to see him... but not understanding exactly how he was seeing him... "Pete" he asked, "Is that you" I don't remember what Woody said Pete answered... but it was in the affirmative... Then Pete told Woody, "I will come back, I will come back as a little child" then Pete's head and torso kind of faded and was gone in seconds... Woody was just happy to have seen Pete... He didn't think a whole lot about what Pete had said except of course to hope that it was true...
Fast forward... 1980... One morning I was getting ready for work... I heard Woody trying to wake John... shaking him gently and calling his name... "John, come on John, its time to get up" Suddenly in a sleepy voice John says very clearly... kind of irked... "I'm not John" Woody asks somewhat amused, "well who are you then" John answered, "I'm that little boy, that little boy that died, You Know, I'm Pete!" this exchange was like seconds... I was reeling... I called out to Woody to come see... He came into the bathroom where I was getting ready and in an excited whisper I told him... "Don't make too big a deal out of this... Yes I heard... Yes I think its possible... but even if that was Pete... this life is John's and I don't want him pressured... " In a way I wish we'd have delved into it... but my protective motherly instincts didn't want John's life to become about Pete... I have had some thoughts about reincarnation and reinforcement for those thoughts... dreams, visions etc for years... I did not pursue it because I was even somewhat afraid... afraid it would challenge my Christian faith perhaps... but I am seeking answers now... I just wanted to share this story with you because I think we may be on the outer edges of knowledge... and I am coming to believe it does not negate my faith... that as the bible says... our ignorance is abysmal... and that it is very possible that reincarnation and God and Christ can and do exist... who is to say that Christ was not a reincarnation of God? My bible says they are one... and perhaps all of us are reincarnations of God... for it also says that God is in us and we in him... not saying we're deities... or anywhere near perfect... but I do think we are part of God... because I have believed for years that God loves us as a parent... totally for always...



Yes, and yes, my friend is sure his dtr. has his mother\'s soul. I know them both, knew the mother, and I don\'t see it. But I\'m not loving them. So be it. love you, Abby

OH Elissa you have touched on a subject that is very close to my heart.
I KNOW that reincarnation is real -- I don\'t just BELIEVE that it\'s real -- I KNOW that it is true and I can write volumes of the proof. But first I want to address this idea that somehow the Bible or Christianity doesn\'t support reincarnation. The first Christians did believe in reincarnation and it\'s very prominent in the Gospels found at Nag Hammadi. They are copies of the originals before they were changed or deleted from the Bible to suite the Catholic Church\'s agenda at the First Ecumenical Council -- I think it was in the year 325 -- but I forget dates. All references to reincarnation were removed from the Bible and whole Gospels were removed Like the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of James (Jesuss brother). The logic was if people were reincarnated then they wouldn\'t be able to burn in hell for eternity and the Church would not have as much control plus they couldn\'t sell dispensations and indulgences because they couldnt sell a quick pass to heaven if God dealt out karma.

But there are still some things that are in the Bible that point to reincarnation, even after the Church did it\'s editing. Didnt Jesus when talking about John the Baptist say that John was the reincarnated of the prophet Elijah (Matthew 11:7-14 I had to look it up). Another example is when Jesus and the disciples saw the man that was blind since birth, the disciples asked who sinned the man or his parents. I dont remember which Gospel this is in, but if the man was blind from birth how could it have been he that had sinned unless it was in a prior life. This shows that at least the disciples believed in reincarnation and Jesus didnt say that it wasnt so. He just said something to the order that it was Gods way of teaching us.

At any rate, my point is that reincarnation does not in any way go against Christianity, it goes against some of a laws that church has made, but its man that make the laws of the church. JMO I hope Im not offending anyone.

But this is not the proof that I was talking about at the beginning of my statement. I know that reincarnation is real because I know that my oldest granddaughter is the reincarnation of my father-in-law. She remembered being him when she was a baby around two and a half years old. She since has forgotten and that is common around 5 or 6 all memories of any past life is gone. There have been many studies done by the University of Virginia (started in the 1960s and all the way up to the present) of children remembering past lives. The researchers (psychiatrists) would record the children\'s statements and then would search out the validity of the memories. These cases were all cases where the previous life was unrelated to the current life. Thats the only ones that they would consider valid because they didnt want the child to have had any prior knowledge of the previous life except what was his memory. There is 50 years of research and literally thousands of cases. If you are interested you can read the book Life Before Life by Dr. Jim Tucker. He worked with Dr. Ivan Stevenson who started the research and carried it on after Dr. Stevenson died.

OMG I have so much more I want to say about this but I\'ve written too much already.

Interesting topic and sharing. I personally don\'t believe in reincarnation, primarily because of this Biblical statement: \"Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,\" (Hebrews 9:27 NIV)-- BUT I don\'t hold it against anyone that feels differently than I do! I feel that sometimes very knowledgeable \"deceiving spirits\"--they do exist--can actually mimic someone, causing one to doubt that prior Biblical statement. Love, Donna

Not getting into biblical or church teaching, and certainly not wanting to offend anyone, I\'ll add my two cents. I believe fully that through the years...centuries upon centuries....mankind has changed, deleted, and added to, Spiritual Truths, for his own best interest. That\'s not to say I do not believe there is MUCH to be learned and valued from our current day Bible AND other sources....I just don\'t believe there is one book that tells the whole story, beginning to end, in PURE TRUTH.

Now, regarding reincarnation......I simply don\'t know. On many levels it \"feels\" right that reincarnation would be a normal part of our souls experience. But, being that I am currently a human, with human limitations of thinking and understanding, it can certainly sound bizarre! And I have to question why the heck would I have chosen to return to this planet, as this person \"Teri\", to have these life experiences??? And as hard as my life has been in some area\'s.....I can\'t even begin to imagine a soul choosing a journey which would cause them to be born on earth, raped, beaten, murdered and all sort of disgusting and horrible beyond imagining things happen to them all before the age of 3 or 4. It happens you know...some of the most evil and horrendous tortures have been inflicted upon children. Did their souls choose that destiny??? I just don\'t know how to wrap my human brain around that one.

I have seen a few TV shows regarding past life regression and found it very interesting. I\'m not sure if I\'m ready to discover any of my past lives, if there were any...well, obviously, I am not or else I\'d be actively seeking direction and answers. I guess for now, I\'ve got all I can handle with trying to figure out this life I\'m living!!

So, for me, today, with what I\'m able to understand, I leave it at \"maybe\"...and if/when my own soul desires to seek out more knowledge on this subject I will....but for today, I\'m content with not having this mystery figured out.

But I will say this. I DO believe....KNOW.....that once we leave this human experience, WE are still who we are....our souls never \"die\". So, since that is a is also a fact that WE were not created in the womb....WE were already our own souls. So, I do believe there is life before \"life\"...and life after \"death\". I just don\'t know if we get \"Recycled\"! LOL!

Interesting journal Elissa! Thanks for sharing your comments Terry and Donna!

Love to all!

I love to ponder all of this and my late mom and I giggled how we want a \"one way ticket\" out of here this time as we both believe we\'ve lived enough for many lifetimes.

For me, it is whatever brings us healing, comfort and peace. I believe it\'s as unique as each of us and all I know is the older I become the less I realize I truly do know. I will be an eternal student and am trying very diligently to get my \"lessons\" this time so if I am asked about another life, if that is how it \"works\" I can choose to stay right where I am. I know I can be a glutton for punishment yet truly, I feel overcooked and done in this lifetime. Just sayn...:)

I value hearing what others believe and that is part of the eternal mystery that I rest in. It\'s fascinating to me and I\'m happy that you posted this journal. Thank YOU!

Much love to all and one thing I do know and it\'s another one my mom and I laughed over is I so do not want to come back as a man. All that \"furniture\" they carry around \"down there\" would be such a bother! LOL! Oh, how I miss the laughter with that incredible and fun loving mother of mine. :)

XO Joanie