red rice yeast vitamin keeping blood pressure down//internal ultra sound//dinner at k's

the weather is perfect again.  we will have two days at 82 and then 73 and sunny again.  yay.  love it like this.  got home too late and took a full day to recover.  have to really work on getting home by 3 a.m. if possible.  
had an internal ultra sound.  omg!  would have been nice to know it would be internal.  very strange.   so was running late from that.  was at rn's for a while, picking up the dogs and then dropping them off for a.  then picking up his pet sitting fees for her and dropping those off.    that is too complicated to put on here at the minute.  rn was calmer this time - the other day i told a, she is freaking you HAVE to get the dogs, she has had them for six months almost.  her neighbor is complaining about the smaller dog of his, so its a problem.  she is also babysitting again and shouldn't be lifting an infant with her back troubles.  she also claims the small dog is waking up the infant.  who knows.   i think her baby sitting days are done even though she loves it.  she says she has to recover physically every time she babysits because she isn't supposed to lift over 7 pounds because of her back injury and the baby weighs ten.  not good. 

went to k's for dinner.  had cocktails, white wine, coffee, and steamed mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, salad and baked whiting.  all excellent.  he is thrilled with his new steamer - it was a gift from c and d (that alone is amazing - won't touch on that one right now).  also as amazing as it is, c didn't call or come by, even though he knows we are having dinner - he normally does this.   there are 7 days in a week, why come by on a night when there is company?  seriously.  what is that?

finished off the rebecca rubin american girl books, the originals, there is a new set for 1914 as well.  kind of depressing time period.  the only one i liked is the one that explains the movie industry in 1914.  i had no idea there used to be movie studios in newark, nj, north bergen and fort lee.  that is where they shot silent films because of its proximity to new york city.  kwl.  
then the producers discovered the great climate and cheap land in california and the studios moved to california.  they explain how they made silent movies, using glass plates on the cameras etc.  very cool.  very interesting.  there were huge warehouses to film the movies INDOORS and they explain why they did this. edison had one of the first studios, and his lab was in west orange so a studio in newark was a convenience.  they claim if you drive through newark many of the large boulevards will look familiar from popular movies we have all seen, even now.  i never knew any of this.  so that one 1914 book was fun.  the rest of that series is kind of depressing.  kind of scary to live back then actually.  a lot of sweat shops etc.  people dying at work.  awful.   
i went off statins and went on a vitamin called red rice yeast and THAT is what made my cholesterol go down to about normal but is still a tad high - just over 200.  yay vitamins.  its a morning vitamin along with the iron (again), it makes you sleepy for about an hour and then it makes you kind of fitful awake, so you can't take it at night at all.  (all the other vitamins except potassium (as needed, if i'm dizzy i take potassium, and vitamin c (which aids the iron vitamin to absorb into the body) -- all the other vitamins are night vitamins and put me to sleep.  never knew vitamins can be toxic or mess with your stomach.  would be nice to live totally natural again.  seriously.  
according to the doctor in charge, he says the old numbers/limits from 15 years ago, 245 was still normal and he would never put a patient on statins for a 230 total.  diet (as in no white food and no red meat) yes, but statins with their zillion side effects, no.  i still haven't figured out why the other doctor did all this.  when the new doctor wanted a second opinion on something, the nurse told her jon was there and she got all huffy, like NO, not him.  she sent my blood work to her daughter who is a 3rd year medical student instead.  haven't looked into what that is about yet.  its always a crap shoot with people, doctors included.  statins also make you grow cataracts, had i known that i never would have gone on them at all.  i actually HAVE a cataract now in one eye.  what the hell was he thinking?