I received some DS alerts from my friends here for the first time in a while on my email account. This is so helpful for me because of all the people I have come to know here at DS. I can never seem to check in with everyone before I run out of time and have to leave. My email friend alerts seem to be working again and that is nice. I feel connected again. I have been inactive physically but trying to make up for it by doing small workouts in my room. This is helping but is not enough. I will try and go out and run tomorrow, I really need to. I have brought my drums back to my studio and I am planning on getting some drum tracks completed on two different projects. With all the drama in my life I could not get this started.  Not because of any effect it has had on me but because of the reaction I will get from the people I live with. I know as soon as I start playing they are going to complain or call the police. My studio is sound proofed but they are insanely lost to the dark side of hate. This would just be a way to get back at me and my family. But be sure I will do it any way and cross that bridge when I come to it.