Recent happenings we are at about a month and things seem to be going well with the trooper.   I was definitely hesitant at first but I'm digging him.  Haven't slept with him yet and he most certainly has been "pressing" the issue so could happen soon....I'll keep you posted on that event.
Getting ready to be involved in my first "layoff" at work.  Will have to be involved with 4 people with our firm.  I have been major stressed about it and not looking forward to it......there is a nice bottle of wine waiting for me after all this goes down at home!
I have to sure is nice to have someone there again who is paying attention and really into "me".  It makes that other person who has been in my thoughts kind of go to the back burner.....T will always be in my heart but I can slowly feel that melting and disappearing....
So Mary Kay (HR psychic lady) was certainly right when she predicted there was going to be someone entering my life.  Stay tuned as everything unfolds....xoxoxo