recent developments

Hey, guys. Sorry I have not been on here in so long. On December 19th I went into IU med to have an ERCP done, which showed that I have incomplete pancreas division. Until I was told this I had never even heard of it. Anyways, While in the recovery room they gave dilauted (i spelled it wrong lol) for the pain but then I started having abdominal convulsions so they gave me a muscle relaxer. This lovley cocktail caused me to forget to breath and was just all kinds of fun :). After I calmed down they took me up to my room and I was so drugged that i just went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning the full force of the pain really hit me, especially when i went to stand up. To wrap this up, the pain gradually decreased after I was issued a PCU with morphene then again dilauted. But, we found out that I was allergic to dilauted after this series of it, which was most likely what caused the convulsions in the recovery room. SO, now a month after my procedure my pain is far worse than it was before. I am still not able to document what exactly causes my pain, it just seems like any eating, any heavy lifting, and any ackward bending will do it for me. On top of the damn near constant pain, I have had insomnia for the last month. Luckily though, I go to see my GP tomorrow and will discuss pain managment and a sleep aid with him. Hope allis well with everybody else