I'm going to try to list the pros and cons to having or not having my ex around. Here goes:
It's peaceful without him here.
It's lonely without him here.
There are things I can do when he's not here.
There are things I am not physically able to do without him here.
I can watch what I want on T. V. without him here.
There's no one to watch movies with without him here.
I'm responsible for my dog completely without him here.
What am I going to do in the winter without him here to bring my dog in when it's cold?
I'm not worried about what he's doing without him here.
I worry about him drinking or taking off when he's here.
My anxiety is less when he's not here!
My anxiety is high when he's here!
I think I know what to do, I should not have him here, whether I love him or not, my health  and happiness depends on it!