real love doesn't hurt

just wanted to let you all know about my internet-based organization real love doesn't hurt (RLDH). after leaving the shelter i was at, i felt a strong urge to help other victims. i had seen how abuse affects all different types of it destroys lives and families. i wanted to help, but i didn't know how. i was 18 and about to start college. i had very little money. but my friend cassie said to me, "you can write. tell your story. start a myspace." i was nervous about putting myself out there and telling the world the gory details, so i wrote under the name "jasmine gallagher"-the name of a character in one of my short stories-so that my abuser wouldn't find out about my little secret project. i started out by simply telling the truth of what i had experienced. while at the shelter, i had been exposed to a wealth of informatiion and resources relating to domestic violence and child abuse. so, i started posting hotline numbers, news stories, and tips on what to do if you have a loved one stuck in an abusive situation. soon, my small little website exploded. friends told their friends and it just kept growing. now, the original myspace has over 200 "friends", and RLDH now has a twitter, facebook, and a facebook cause. RLDH contact info: general e-mail myspace myspace direct e-mail facebook twitter please check it out. if you are currently stuck in a dangerous situation, please let me know. i can help you find shelters and other resources in your state. you will always remain annonymous and i will never disclose the details of your situation in my personal life or online. if you are involved in/with an event or an organization to raise awareness for domestic violence and/or child abuse. let me know. i'll be happy to blog about it if you wish. at some point, i'd like to turn RLDH into a christ-based shelter.-fallon