ready for a break

I swear it has been so stressful at work lately so on top of everything else I am dealing with right now I also am about to loose my mind at work. My eye has been twitching the past three days due to all the stress, it has been totally insane. I am so ready for the long weekend!!   I went today for an ultrasound and I go back next week for more tests and then to see the doctor, so hopefully I will know more and will be on the road to getting some relief. They did put me on the IC diet so I eat barely anything, but it seems to help a little bit I still hurt but it is more tolerable. I am still in the trial and error state so if I eat something I am not to sure about in no time I  will know if it needs to go on the no list, I will be in total agony. Right now I am just looking for answers and things to try, but I guess that is what we are all after.