RE: member walking tall

I don't know how many of you remember my wife who had the screen name walking tall. She posted for a while about a year ago. She probably stopped because she was embarrassed to say she couldn't stop drinking. 

The tragic end to her story is that she died a few months ago from alcohol related complications.

The sad part is, she was such a wonderful person who always had a kind word for someone else and spent a lot of her time helping mothers of children with autism. She had 3 kids with autism and PTSD was one of her stressors after 16 years of absorbing the fallout.

She tried getting in patient help a couple of times, but they would never work on the real problems that caused her to drink. All they wanted to do was put her in detox for 3 days and send her home with no support. The health care provided by the state of Florida absolutely sucks unless you have money to pay. She kept asking for help, but couldn't get it. A A tended to be a trigger for her and made her want to drink after meetings.

The end result is she left 2 sons, a daughter and a husband in shambles.

If you are struggling with alcohol, please don't give up. Keep looking and talking until you find the right combination of help for you. Please remember this story and use it for your strength.

Thank you.



God bless you. This has helped me to stay on the path so thanks. Prayers from here!

I'm so sorry...poor dear soul...please, what's your name? perhaps you should create your own profile here so we can know you now as we embrace the memory of your wife.